Why is Very Self Aware Different to Traditional Therapy?

Very Self Aware combines guided and bespoke self awareness with self education, to help you find the internal answers for personal issues you face.

Very Self Aware offers educational self-awareness products and besoke services to help you help yourself and become your own best friend and confidant.  You really do have most of the answers you seek within yourself to become your own personal life and relationship coach.  

It is just a matter of exploring every aspect of who you are, even the darker sides of yourself.  Nurturing what needs nurturing. Feeding what needs feeding and removing what no longer benefits you. With or without a relationship and life coach to signpost you on your personal  journey of self discovery. 



Therapeutic Self-Analysis is the process of deep investigation into your own internal world, to understand your own personality, and the patterns of your self-depreciating behaviours. It connects self-talk therapeutic questions, with topic spacific educational content and self-help tools to assist and guide you. It is self-therapy where you actively become your own life coach, by answering the empowering questions, establishing what works for you, and finding your own answers from within. It mirrors the potential process of being with a therapist, or life coach, but you have full autonomy of the process and how far you take it.

It is an extremely empowering journey and can be life changing because it allows you to take full responsibility and accountability for everything you do, have done and will do in the future. It is a journey of taking back your self-control and standing in your adult shoes with confidence, bravery and conviction in your own values, morals, decision, and judgements. It is validating and valuing yourself so you no longer need to look outside of yourself to others for validation and approval to live your own life your way.



About the Founder

Vikki Stafford DipRSA,PGDipCouns,PGCE 

Vikki is a Life and Relationship Coach, Integrative Counsellor Practitioner, Family and Relationship Mediator, Counselling and Communication Lecturer and Author. 

Vikki works from the ethos many people have the answers to most of their problems within. Aiming to assist people develop autonomy, and trust in themselves to find all the answers they seek through self-education and self-awareness. 

Her extensive academic qualifications, together with her professional and personal experiences has taught her working through all forms of loss and self acceptance, alongside mental and emotional wellness, is vitally important to living a happy, contented life and because 

What People Say 

I would just like to say how much the improve your self-worth VSA Abbriviation cards have helped me with my progress, they are easy to use and remember and definitely make a difference to change the way you deal with things, well worth a go. JS


I was at my wits end a few years ago with my teenage daughter. She was on self-destruct and kept running away from home and hanging around with a bad crowd. Thankfully I managed to find Vikki who was so approachable and non judgemental. I felt like I could tell her anything. She helped us as a family and listened to us all, so we could all sit down and talk about our problems. Vikki helped us when I did not know where or who to turn to. Thank you Vikki, for turning things around for my family. AW


Working alongside Vikki was an enjoyable and informative experience. I found her to be an excellent communicator, active listener, and was able to give instruction clearly with patience, so I felt comfortable asking questions or querying something. She can build rapport quickly and easily and would constantly ask for my input on ideas and encourage me to make valid contributions. Vikki has extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of counselling and mediation and has a unique ability to provide constructive feedback which empower me to reflect on my own development and learning needs. It was a pleasure working with Vikki and if the opportunity presented itself again, I wouldn’t hesitate to work alongside her again. - NCL

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